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Minh Tri Dang, CEO
We are pleased to present the capabilities of MetroOfficeProducts. We were recently awarded the FSSI BPA (GS02FXA004) and we continue to further enhance our service to our customers.
Our associates are committed to the highest levels of quality and service.
Our organization is well equipped to meet the complete office needs of our governmental customers.
If you have not experienced the savings and service of MetroOfficeProducts, please click here and we will get you set up immediately. If you are currently purchasing from MetroOfficeProducts, we sincerely thank you.
All of the associates of MetroOfficeProducts would welcome the opportunity to serve your organization.
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Minh Tri Dang, CEO
Brief Biography - Minh Tri Dang
Minh Duc Thi Sheridan, the sister of the current owner, established MetroOfficeProducts in 1990. Minh Tri Dang, the brother of the founder, purchased MetroOfficeProducts in 2007. Currently, Metro provides services to the Department of the Army, Air Force, Veterans Administration, many agencies of the federal government and a large contingent of government contractors.
Minh Tri's ongoing goal is to provide government and business customers with an alternative source of supply versus the impersonal superstore culture that has overtaken the office supply industry. MetroOfficeProducts offers more than just competitive pricing. MetroOfficeProducts offers personalized service that the larger chains are unable to provide. Minh Tri has structured Metro from an operations and customer service perspective to ensure Metro provides both timely delivery of product and prompt professional customer service representatives.
As the requirements of the Federal government changed, so did MetroOfficeProducts. In 1999, Minh Duc sought and was awarded GSA contract # GS-14F-0032K, one of the first multiple award, office supplies contracts ever awarded to a small business. Metro has since been awarded many contracts from Federal, State and Municipal government agencies. We were also recently awarded a FSSI BPA (GS02FXA004) by the General Services Administration.
As the son of a South Vietnamese Army officer, Minh Tri has always possessed the drive and determination to make his company the very best that it could be. Daily, Minh Tri can be found on the telephone assisting a customer with special delivery requirements, in the office of a facilities manager establishing the logistics for their deliveries or training his representatives on the importance of polite, courteous service.
Minh Tri works with numerous minority organizations in order to help others acquire "what it takes" to make it in business and realize the "American Dream".
"We would welcome the opportunity to serve you!"... Minh Tri Dang, CEO